Professor Yudhi Ahuja, Ph.D.

Dr. Yudhi Ahuja is a former Senior Advisor (HR) for the United Nations Development Program and Manpower Expert at the World Bank. He has been a Professor, a Dean, and a Director across Business Schools in India, Thailand & U.S.A. Dr. Yudhi has also been associated with the Institute of Applied Manpower Research, New Delhi, India, as their Chief in HR & Training.

Dr. Yudhi holds a Ph.D. from University of Delhi, India (1973) and has undergone HRD Training in UNESCO (1989). Further, he holds a Fellowship degree from the Indian Society for Training & Development (ISTD) and has been a scholar in the San Jose State University, California, U.S.A. (2015).

He has published several reports and papers covering various aspects of manpower planning, human resource management, such as Corporate Governance, Motivation, and Leadership Challenges in The Indian Journal of Training and Development. His latest paper on ‘Forecasting Trends of Migration in the United States of America: A Human Resource Perspective,’ has been published in the Journal of Management Studies, Volume 5, Number 1, Jan-Feb 2017, U.S.A.

Dr. Yudhi has extensively participated in international seminars and conferences. As an active member of the Board of various professional bodies, Dr. Yudhi has made substantial contributions in teaching and training programs for industry executives. As a Professor, he is widely accepted as an authority on human resources, quantitative techniques/business analytics, development of professional institutes, and administration of academic activities in business management schools. He continues to be a member of various professional bodies including Western Decision Sciences Institute, INFORMS, Indian Society for Training & Development, and All India Management Association. Above all, he is well connected with Business Schools in India and U.S.A.