Our Philosophy

To do something well requires theoretical knowledge. The better the quality of our knowledge, the more effective we are at any task.

Very often, a small improvement in the way we think or the way we do a particular task can lead to a considerable enhancement in our performance. Sometimes, a single idea changes people’s careers or an entire industry. One useful tip in sports helps players rise to the top. One crucial bit of information related to health transforms a sick person’s life. Hence, those who realize the importance of knowledge keep gathering wisdom and rapidly rise to higher levels of excellence.

At SMLA, we firmly believe in imparting knowledge that will help individuals and organizations excel in their chosen endeavors.

Our aim is to enhance skillsets, develop personality, and deepen your understanding. Such training will propel you to pursue meaningful goals and produce impactful results that others will value.

It is our belief that success is a result of harmony in all facets of life. This includes our physical wellbeing, mindsets, our relationships, and fulfilment at work. All our offerings are designed to not just address a particular skill or learning, rather showcase a holistic model for the solution.

While the courses provide tactical solutions and approach to corporate and personal problems, we augment the teachings with higher wisdom and perspective to address them at the grass-root level.

That is why, besides the core content, all our courses and seminars include the human touch alongside providing tools and techniques to cultivate interpersonal skills, nurture relationships, and build confidence.

Swami Mukundananda explains that we all have three common yearnings: 1) to be good, 2) to do good and 3) to feel good. Accordingly, success in life should be measured against these three criteria:

1. To become the best we can be

2. To do the best we can in the works we undertake

3. To experience happiness and satisfaction in life

True happiness is the result of growing from within to become the best version of ourselves. As we become better, we naturally get motivated to do the best we can. This cycle repeats itself and in the process, we experience deep and lasting contentment.