Swami Mukundananda, an alumnus of IIT and IIM, is a world-renowned authority on spirituality, yoga and mind management.

Inclined towards spirituality from an early age, when his academic honours and a high-flying corporate career with the TATA’s also, could not satisfy his yearning, he took the order of Sanyas (monkhood) to probe deeper on the quintessential question of the purpose of human life.

In his quest for God realization, he arrived at the lotus feet of his spiritual master, Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj, in whom he saw an ocean of scriptural knowledge and fathomless divine love. Under the guidance of his Guru, he practiced intense sadhana and studied the Indian and Western systems of philosophy.

Seeing his interest in Yoga, Shree Maharajji entrusted him the responsibility of teaching the real meaning of Yog (union with the Divine) to the world. Since then, Swamiji dedicated himself to guide millions across the globe, on the path of eternal happiness and a fulfilling life.

Service to Humankind

JKYog & Centers

Swamiji founded a unique Yogic system, known as “JKYog”, or “Yoga for the Body, Mind and Soul,” which blends the best practices of Hatha Yog with Bhakti Yog.

With the pressures of fast-paced modern lives, and the fading away of precious timeless wisdom, today Yoga, has been condensed to a mere form of physical exercise. Swamiji is dispelling this myth with the principles of JKYog, where participants learn practical tools and techniques to develop not just physical but also mental, intellectual and spiritual dimensions of their personality.

JKYog is institutionalized by Swamiji as, Jagadguru Kripalu Yog Trust in India (JKYog India) and Jagadguru Kripaluji Yog, (JKYog USA) a non-profit organization in the USA.

Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas

In the USA, Swamiji established the spectacular Radha Krishna Temple (RKT) in Dallas – a divine place for inspirational community gatherings, festival celebrations, practising yoga and meditation. He also inspired other social initiatives like KAKE (Kids Assisting Kids in Education), “Little Hands Big Hearts” project for the distribution of essential commodities to the poor in Texas and “SPARK” as a nationwide youth initiative for building the attitude of service in school students. Additionally, he conducts weeklong workshops on yoga, meditation and spirituality in 20 cities in the US every year.

JK University and Skill Institute

Swamiji’s passion to serve found a magnanimous expression in the field of education through the upcoming Jagadguru Kripalu University (JKU) and Jagadguru Kripalu Skill Institute (JKSI) for imparting vocational training in rural India.

JK Naturopathy Hospital

Naturopathy Care & Yoga Centre, is one of the largest naturopathy hospital in Eastern Odisha. It offers various modalities for treatment and focuses on holistic wellness and health. In addition, Swamiji has established Jagadguru Kripalu Chikitsalaya (JKC) – a charitable medical hospital, for bestowing the invaluable gift of health and well-being to the socially and economically backward people of rural Odisha.

Serving Humanity

Free distribution of food, clothing, blankets, and other basic necessities to the needy are also done on a regular basis. Local festivals and yatras are supported by JKYog India, to preserve community traditions.

Spell-Binding Orator and Best-Selling Author

For the past three decades, Swamiji has conducted life transformational programs across the globe and inspired people to practically incorporate timeless divine wisdom into their daily lives. He reveals the secrets of both Indian and Western scriptures with rigorous scientific logic applicable in the modern context. His illustrations through humorous stories and real-life examples stay with you long after you listen.

Life Transformation Programs

Swamiji tirelessly works to address problems that plague the mind, amidst constant performance pressures and stiff external competition, starting from preschoolers to Board level executives. Through his profound knowledge, pragmatic teachings and most importantly, his warmth, humility, and simplicity, he has illumined millions of lives across age, profession, nationality and religious inclinations.

Mind Management

Extremely popular on various social media channels as well, his lectures on YouTube have been watched over a hundred-and-fifty million times, as they shed light on a plethora of questions that confound the minds of the young and the experienced.

Social Media

Many have found solace, as they read and related with his best-selling books, 7 Mindsets for Success, Happiness, and Fulfilment; The Science of Mind Management, and 7 Divine Laws to Awaken Your Best Self – all featured in Amazon's Bestsellers. A multitude of other literary compositions by Swamiji include commentary of Bhagavad Gita, books on yoga, healthy diet, and many others books for youth and children. Click here to see all the books.


Influential Presence in Corporate Houses

Swamiji has consulted for more than 100 companies, 300 educational institutes, addressed more than 50,00,000 people in a multitude of lectures, seminars and training programs on the subjects of personal and professional development, throughout India, USA, Canada, Singapore etc. His exciting talks and seminars on Servant Leadership, Elite Performance, Stress-Management, Unlocking the Immense Potential of the Human Mind, Staying Positive, Nurturing Relationships, etc., have had a lasting, result-oriented impact.

Executives and staff of many Fortune 500 corporations such as Google, Yahoo, Oracle, Intel, Verizon, American Airlines, global conglomerates like Raymonds, GMR group, various NGOs/non-profits such as United Nations, prestigious Government organizations like Indian Railways, Defence Research & Development Organization (DRDO), have embraced Swamiji’s wisdom and guidance in the ladder to success at their workplaces.

Leadership coaches and Entrepreneurs have also resonated with Swamiji’s thought leadership on establishing executive presence, deepening your circle of influence and managing your mind for better business outcomes.

University & Leadership Programs for Youth and Children

Swamiji’s energetic personality and approachability has been an immense attraction to children and the youth. With the intention of seeding the right values in unadulterated minds, he has established the Bal-Mukund classes for imparting value based education to children, in many states of USA and India. Youth Leadership events and workshops are regularly conducted for grooming today’s youngsters in developing wonderful qualities of head and heart, enabling them to blossom as great future leaders who will uplift humankind with their work.

Students from Ivy League Indian and American Universities like IIT, MIT, Yale, Stanford, Kellogg, Princeton, Duke, University of Illinois, and many more have also been audience to Swamiji, on questions where even their most pursued professional courses fell short of answers.

As a keynote speaker, he regularly addresses various forums on socially relevant topics as well.