Suresh Ramamurthi

Suresh Ramamurthi is a senior mentor and an executive coach. Has over three decades of facilitation and coaching experience He has handled coaching as a leadership development initiative and building coaching as a culture in a global organization. He has coached many senior leaders to maximize their potential and play their roles more effectively, He is a solution architect for non-technical solutions and has facilitated leadership programs for many senior corporate leaders. He is certified in Applied Neuroscience and multibrian integration technique (mBit), has done a lot of study on how the brain operates and uses it in coaching leaders. He is a member of International Association of Professional Life Coaches and a Founder member /Former President of International Coaching Federation - Chennai Chapter. He was also a Forum member for ICF Chapters in India and represented India in the Asia Pacific Forum for ICF. He has also trained about 75 leaders to become coaches through the ICF coach training program. In addition, he has also facilitated numerous programs on Leader as a Coach, getting the leaders to understand coaching style. He is presently working with Parent-Teachers developing coaching as a methodology to impact the cognitive development in children that would impact them as they grow into adulthood.

Suresh has clocked over 3000 hours of coaching, trained more than 70 coach trainees for coach certification and has done mentor coaching for many coach trainees. He is also certified in different Behaviour Analysis Tools like DISC, MBTI, PAPI, Chally and has the following certifications to his name:

  • Credentialed coach from International Coach Federation (ICF-PCC)
  • Applied Neuroscience in Coaching
  • Social Cognitive Neuroscience Accredited Coach
  • Neuroscience Certified Coach
  • Certified mBIT Coach
  • CPBA – Certified Professional Behaviour Analyst - DISC Accredited Professional
  • Marshall Goldsmith Certified Facilitator and Coach
  • Accredited MBTI coach
  • Certified PAPI coach and facilitator
  • Certified MRA (360 Deg) feedback coach and facilitator
  • Certified Chally Coach
  • Franklin Covey Certified facilitator