Dr. Nischal Chandra

Dr. Nischal Chandra has over 25 years of industry experience in the Healthcare, Finance, Insurance, IT, and Telecommunications sectors. His expertise has been in delivering multimillion-dollar technology solutions based on artificial intelligence (AI) at the global scale to solve complex problems for millions of users. He has challenged conventional project management methodologies such as Waterfall and Agile and developed a new one called Team Configuration 1 where AI creates ultra-high-performing teams that deliver significantly more efficiency.

He has worked for several multinational companies, such as Teradyne, IBM, and Oracle. He is currently serving as a Director of Software Engineering at Oracle Health & AI business unit developing innovative solutions.

While pursuing his career in technology, Nischal has simultaneously been pursuing his passion in the education industry. He started out with developing and teaching his first course in Electrical Engineering over 30 years ago at the Educational Studies Program, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Later, he progressed to teaching IT courses for several colleges and founded/managed a state-licensed professional school offering over 300 online courses in business and technology for nearly 10 years.

In the education domain, Nischal is currently serving as the Chairman of the IT Department, Vice President of Professional Training, and Chief AI Officer at Apollos University. He has created IT certificate programs, Bachelor of Science in IT degree, and AI/IT concentrations for the Doctor of Business Administration degree.

Nischal holds a Doctor of Business Administration, a Master of Science in Quality Assurance, and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. Nischal’s desire to apply his talents towards a worthy cause has led him to serve on the Advisory Board of the SM Leadership Academy. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family, cooking, and traveling.