T.V. Avinash Chandra

T.V. Avinash Chandra, a graduate of IIT Kanpur, has worked in start-ups, early to growth stage companies, on the fronts of digital marketing, revenue/P&L management, fund raising, growing traffic, conceptualizing, launching and scaling digital first brands and also developing product prototypes from scratch.

For over 15 years, Avinash has focussed on crucial zero to one problems for digital businesses. Often involving experimentation, culminating in a deeper understanding of consumer behaviour, solutions to such problems either make or break a business.

The rising tide of ecommerce & digital businesses in India afforded Avinash many opportunities - from experimenting with different digital marketing channels, to creating D2C brands (direct to consumer). Furthermore, he has also served on multiple fronts like, being a revenue leader, fundraising and growth hacking without any marketing spend. The highly dynamic nature of early stage and growth stage businesses have allowed Avinash to dabble in all things marketing and data. He has had the rare privilege of working across eCommerce, D2C & SaaS businesses. Widely respected as a People’s Leader, Avinash continues to actively coach his colleagues and also ex-colleagues for their future career growth.

Over the years, he has mentored and counselled many start-up founders and worked pro bono with early stage companies. During the course of his career, he has held various posts such as GM Sales & Marketing, Director Revenue, Chief of Staff, Head of Marketing and most recently Entrepreneur in Residence.

In addition to work, he is a Yoga Practitioner and also has a Yoga Teacher’s Training Certification. Outside of work, Avinash spends time with technology - particularly building games. An amateur cyclist & a budding gym fanatic, he also believes that fitness is the way to unlocking the best of the human brain.

From his college days Avinash was fortunate to have had the association of Jagadguru Shri Kripaluji Maharaj and Swami Mukundananda. Inspired by the Divine mission, Avinash divides his time between his entrepreneurial pursuits and voluntary work for JKYog like researching and contributing articles for Books and lending operational support in organizing online events.