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Universal Laws for Success

About this Course:

No matter how good we may be, the urge remains to be even better – better professionals, parents, spouses, children, etc. The desire for growth exists naturally within us, yet we find personal growth and life transformation difficult. Why do we feel that the universe is at odds with us? We strive for perfection year after year, but do not achieve success. We aspire to reach the stars but find ourselves glued to our lower instincts; we have our head in the sky but our feet on the earth.

Like the physical laws of the universe and the man-made regulatory laws of a society, there are eternal laws of the universe that govern the journey of success and fulfilment in your life. Knowledge of these laws help us understand why success comes so easily to some but remains a struggle for others; why some are still putting on their shoes, while others have finished the race. As elusive or complex happiness and success seem to be, you can uncover the step-by-step formula for reaching professional heights, personal excellence, and life mastery.

This SMLA signature course, Universal Laws for Success, will showcase the path of true and everlasting success – both in your professional and personal lives. You will shift from a fixed to growth mindset to tap into your latent potential. You will develop perseverance by learning to commit yourself to incremental growth in all your endeavours and move beyond plateaus. Look forward to experiencing behavioural changes as you move from conscious incompetence to unconscious competence. Further, learn the art of forming beneficial and uplifting beliefs to lead a life of contentment. Gain insights on interpersonal skills for prosperous relationships and the art of servitude while leading. Discover the profound ancient wisdom behind inner happiness and joy that we all seek. To complement that, you will also learn powerful tools to alleviate negative thoughts and emotions by dovetailing your mind towards peace and harmony. The course concludes with the law of mentorship that will help you recognize a qualified mentor for tapping into their distilled and reliable knowledge for accelerated growth. Through the application of these universal laws, you will find yourself traveling the trajectory of perfection. This knowledge will enable you to live an enriched life by focussing on inner growth, which in turn becomes the foundation for outer success.

Course Content:

  • Introduction to universal laws and their significance
  • The Law of Infinite Potential
  • The Law of Incremental Growth
  • The Law of Beliefs
  • The Law of Happiness
  • The Law of Sublimation
  • The Law of Love
  • The Law of Mentorship
  • Real-life scenarios and interactive revision

You Will Learn:

  1. The laws governing your life and how you can align your existence with them.
  2. Comprehend why you are destined for perfection and how to manifest the infinite potential latent within you.
  3. How to make beneficial choices to lead a happy and fulfilling life with purpose.
  4. Overcoming unconscious lame excuses generated by your mind to stagnate.
  5. How to build momentum and accelerate self-transformation by naturalizing good habits, getting over addictions, anxiety, depression etc.
  6. Growing from an unconscious creator of your own destiny to living a more conscious life with purpose.
  7. Develop the virtue of willpower for higher productivity and gaining control over your mind.
  8. Discover the hidden reserves of energy to perform herculean tasks.
  9. Eradicate detrimental beliefs and develop productive ones based on trustworthy sources of knowledge.
  10. Live a happy, fulfilled, and balanced life by becoming the best version of yourself.
  11. The art of cultivating healthy relationships.
  12. To propel yourself to higher performance by cultivating a service attitude.
  13. The sovereign recipe for eradicating stress and detrimental thoughts from your mind by sublimating them.
  14. The many benefits of dovetailing the mind towards the Supreme Divinity, including becoming a karm yogi.
  15. Value of mentorship and how it helps you accelerate your growth.

This is your course if you are looking for:

  • Understanding why you don’t feel fulfilled despite owning luxuries and prized possessions.
  • Living a more meaningful life by comprehending the bigger picture of life and it’s higher purpose.
  • Uplifting your life to greater heights by understanding the secret of making good choices in life.
  • Practices that will free you from all negativity and change the trajectory of your life.
  • Get past self-limiting beliefs that may have been holding you back for years.
  • Understanding the science of willpower and how to enhance it.
  • Feeling a sense of empowerment and peace by aligning your thoughts and actions with the mysterious workings of the Universe.
  • Tapping into the inner fountain source of happiness and growing from within.
  • Hone your self-awareness skills and social skills for nurturing relationships in life.
  • Understanding the foundation and significance of servitude in work and relationships.
  • Shortening your learning curve and avoiding pitfalls by finding the right mentor for life.
  • Redefining and discovering true success by integrating the universal laws into your everyday life and awakening your best self.