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Mindsets to Become Unstoppable

About this Course:

What is the essential ingredient for a successful life, in terms of professional excellence, good health, familial comfort and inner joy? Fulfillment and happiness are not a product of fame, prestige, or opulence, rather they come from an inner sense of contentment. The world has witnessed the rich and talented falling prey to their self-created murky mindsets and dismal emotions resulting in depression, addictions etc. In contrast, there are success stories of those rising like a phoenix from the ashes and emerging stronger from catastrophes because of their empowering mindsets. So, how can you tap into this inner resource and develop mindsets to become unstoppable?

As the saying goes, “Attitude leads to altitude.” Our thoughts and attitudes contribute a great deal to our success in life. When our emotions run amok, we experience negativity and mental agitation. Whereas, a controlled mind confers upon us calm and peace. When you marshal your emotions, you catapult yourself to success in your field of work, despite overwhelming odds. The right attitudes not only help us in our material pursuits, but they also bestow upon us the rewards of profound knowledge and ever-lasting happiness. Hence, if we can imbibe constructive attitudes, we can form mindsets that will lead to success and fulfillment.

This SMLA signature course, Mindsets to Become Unstoppable, will equip you on how to harness your internal resources to replace harmful mindsets with productive ones. You will understand the science behind developing positive attitudes through repetitive practice of beneficial mental habits. Cultivating this knowledge will help you take responsibility for your emotions irrespective of the external environment. You will learn to resist feeling stressed and remove it from its root. Inspired to propel towards excellence, you will grow in the face of problems and turn adversities to your benefit. Discover yourself as a high-performing professional and a better human being, by practicing the 7 key mindsets for unlocking the glorious pathways to success, happiness, and inner growth.

Course Content:

  • Introduction to Mindsets and their significance
  • The Mindset of Positive Thinking
  • The Mindset of Taking Responsibility for Our Emotions
  • The Mindset of Inspiration
  • The Mindset of Purity of Intention
  • The Mindset of Cultivating Knowledge
  • The Mindset of Discipline
  • The Mindset of Growing in the Face of Problems
  • Real-life scenarios and interactive revision

You Will Learn:

  1. Definition of true success and discovering a meaningful life.
  2. Developing the right attitudes to rise in your professional career.
  3. Connection between emotions and health.
  4. Mastering your emotions and make your mind your best friend.
  5. Plant the seeds to purify and elevate your consciousness.
  6. Eliminating stress from its root cause.
  7. Solve the puzzle of external vs internal motivation.
  8. Science behind growing your willpower and forging good habits.
  9. How to bridge inspiration and achievement.
  10. Facing challenges in life by anticipating, evaluating and preparing for them.

This is your course if you are looking for:

  • Elevating your customary ways of thinking, gaining the right knowledge, and putting it into practice.
  • Honing the art of positive thinking.
  • Levers to control your sentiments and consequently your responses.
  • Conceptual clarity on destiny, astrology and law of karma.
  • Discovering your internal inspiration.
  • Gaining insights into becoming disciplined to achieve excellence and greater productivity.
  • Tools and wisdom to eradicate stress, anxiety, and negative emotions.
  • Understanding the relevance of spiritual knowledge alongside material knowledge in modern times.
  • Practical tips to overcome resentment, whether it is office politics or personal relationships.
  • Embracing adversities with enthusiasm and foreseeing the opportunities in them by building a life-long attitude of learning.
  • Leading a noble and sublime life.
  • Connecting with an inexhaustible resource of energy within you, to climb higher altitudes in life!