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Trust Building and Developing a Resilient Mindset

About this Course: Two-Part Workshop

Ensuring that relationships are built on trust is important for every organization. Trust is not just something you say, it’s something you do and build. Trusting relationships in an organization enhance collaboration, increase risk-taking, increase the effectiveness of execution, and improve commitment and loyalty. By providing your employees with the tools they need, it shows them that you are willing to invest in them and that you care about their wellbeing.

With our Trust Building and Resiliency workshop, your participants will be equipped with skills to promote honesty and build trust throughout your organization. They will learn the framework and specific behaviors that build trust. Remember you gain trust by giving trust!

Having resilient employees is another crucial aspect in creating an environment that is a safe place for everyone to work. Successfully addressing challenges and overcoming them is an art in itself. This workshop gives tools and insightful wisdom on how to skillfully face problems at work and home. Equipped with these methods, participants will develop grit to turn every setback into a comeback and adversity into opportunity. The course further imparts knowledge on harnessing your inner motivation to forge ahead amidst chaos.

Course Content:

Part 1 – Building Trust

  • What is trust?
  • Importance of building trust in relationships and organization
  • Strategies and framework for promoting trust
  • Empowerment, communication, commitment
  • Personality types and how to work with them and build trust
  • Value of respect at the workplace

Part 2 – Developing a Confident and Resilient Mindset

  • Defining resiliency
  • Significance of inner-strength and benefits
  • Building confidence by strengthening relationships at work
  • Learning to not compare yourself to others and enhance own skills
  • Managing stress better
  • Evaluating and addressing mistakes and negative patterns
  • Accepting and managing change and disruption
  • Overcoming adversities and adapting to crises
  • Virtue of tolerance and how to cultivate it
  • Staying motivated and working with optimism
  • Real-life scenarios and interactive revision
  • Meditation

You Will Learn:

Part 1 – Building Trust

  1. Definition of trust.
  2. Why building trust is important in human connections and at the organization level.
  3. Gaining trust of employees by empowering them.
  4. Promoting transparent communication.
  5. Commitment to promises and word.
  6. Different personality types and how to work with them.
  7. Prominence of respect and how to cultivate it with everyone.

Part 2 – Developing a Confident and Resilient Mindset

  1. Definition of resiliency.
  2. Importance of inner-strength and its impact on life and work.
  3. How to enhance self-confidence by cultivating positive human connections.
  4. Nurture and harness your talents and stop comparing to others.
  5. Tips on how to better manage stress by focusing on your effort and detachment.
  6. How to assess pitfalls and carve out ways to improve.
  7. Mindset to accept and adopt change.
  8. How to handle adversities through inner-strength and wisdom.
  9. Importance of forbearance and tolerance in your personality and how to develop it.
  10. The art of staying enthused and motivated despite challenges.

This is your course if you are looking to:

  • Build trust in relationships and organization.
  • Promote collaboration and confidence in company culture and teams.
  • Demonstrate integrity.
  • Learn strategies and behaviors that engender trust.
  • Improve communication for greater clarity, transparency, and effectiveness.
  • Gain insights on how to honor commitments.
  • Effectively interact with different personality types and gain their trust.
  • Cultivate team and company culture of mutual respect.
  • Understand tenacity and resilience.
  • Explore the importance of inner strength and how to nurture it.
  • Strengthen your relationships at work for greater confidence.
  • Stop comparing to others and start growing your own aptitude.
  • Learn techniques and mindsets for stress management.
  • Be receptive to change and chaos and manage it with ease and resilience.
  • Face challenges and problems with tenacity and wisdom.
  • Become mentally strong.
  • Learn the art of fostering tolerance in thought and behavior.
  • Stay motivated in the most adverse circumstances.