Course Details

Managing Anxiety in the Workplace

About this Course:

It is normal to have some fear or feel out of place at work sometimes, but when the anxiety begins to control you and keep you from performing your normal activities it becomes a serious problem. The workplace is one of the leading locations where people experience stress and anxiety. Every employee will encounter it sometime during their career. Everyone should be aware of the signs of anxiety and the tools needed to cope and deal with it.

Overcoming anxiety is crucial to both physical and mental wellbeing. Understanding the science-backed phenomenon of the mind-body connection introduced in the course, will help you appreciate the value of keeping your emotions in check. You will be able to comprehend how being mentally relaxed allows you to remain calm and equipoised in the face of challenges. This does a world of good to your health and wellbeing, and increases productivity.

This Managing Anxiety workshop will provide participants the important skills and resources to recognize and manage workplace anxiety. Participants will learn of common anxiety triggers, coping strategies, and how to eradicate it from the root level. By identifying symptoms and mind management techniques, employees and managers will be better suited in dealing with these common situations. Through this workshop, you will develop the inner caliber and mindset for facing the toughest challenges the workplace can bring.

Course Content:

  • Common types of anxiety
  • Differences in anxiety and normal nervousness
  • Common anxiety triggers
  • Physical symptoms
  • Recognizing symptoms in others
  • Coping strategies
  • Not avoiding situations
  • Positive aspects of anxiety
  • Root-cause of anxiety
  • Eradicating anxiety from a higher perspective
  • The mind-body connection
  • Real-life scenarios and interactive revision
  • Meditation

You Will Learn:

  1. Different types of workplace anxieties.
  2. Why nervousness is not anxiety.
  3. To identify the most common triggers for anxiety.
  4. Signs and symptoms of workplace anxiety.
  5. To help others recognize symptoms.
  6. Strategies for successfully coping with negative circumstances.
  7. Need for physical wellness and maintenance.
  8. Not to avoid situations that seem daunting.
  9. The art of managing thoughts and positive thinking.
  10. Positive aspects of anxiety and how to use it to your advantage.
  11. Grass-root level reason for stress and anxiety.
  12. How to permanently remove anxiety and be happy.

This is your course if you are looking to:

  • Understand characteristics of anxiety at a deeper level including social anxiety, GAD, etc.
  • Overcome discomfort and knowing the difference between normal feelings and exaggerated ones.
  • Conquer anxiety triggers such as fear, perfectionism, public speaking, and others.
  • Recognize and address physical and mental symptoms of anxiety.
  • Learn practical ways of dealing with anxious moments, including handling negative feedback, attaining goals, and behaving in social situations.
  • Better cope with anxiety through lifestyle changes such as exercise, sleep, and diet.
  • Gain insights on how to identify your personal triggers, accept situations, and face problems.
  • Discover the art of using anxiety for your benefit.
  • Finding the deeper cause of anxiety and stress – your attachments, desires, and wants.
  • Eliminate negative thoughts, anxious feelings, and stress from your life.
  • Adopting the NATO principle which teaches how to disassociate with anxiety.
  • Understand the mind-body connection.
  • Learn the art of positive thinking.