Course Details

Health and Wellness at Work

About this Course:

A healthy employee is a happy and productive employee, and that should be the priority for every organization. Yet, with ever-increasing demands on time and the need to produce excellent work, people are suffering from sleep deprivation, inactivity, and exertion. Realizing the importance of holistic welfare of employees, organizations are taking responsibility to restore balance so that their workforce can thrive.

Awareness and wellness programs help employees thrive, and also reduce the cost of insurance costs, safety incidences, and even absenteeism. Further, happy and healthy employees perform optimally, increasing productivity and avoiding burnout. Through our Health and Wellness at Work workshop, your participants will experience the benefits of a healthier lifestyle and workplace.

Our Health and Wellness at Work course will help create a “Culture of Wellness” within your organization. Your participants will touch on common issues such as smoking cessation, nutrition, weight loss, and preventative care. Emphasizing work-life harmony that is on everyone’s mind, the course will outline tactical strategies for achieving balance at both work and home. They will also learn how to overcome mental stress and better cope with difficult situations as part of overall well-being. Health and Wellness is the responsibility of everyone in an organization so take the positive step and create a program within your organization.

Course Content:

  • Importance of promoting health awareness at work
  • Types of health and wellness programs
  • Beneficial routines for physical health
  • Work-life balance
  • Maintenance programs and screenings organizations can provide to foster health
  • Mental health problems that employees face and their solution
  • Company programs and workshops to help staff better cope with mental disruptions
  • Creating a “Culture of Wellness”
  • Meditation

You Will Learn:

  1. How wellness impacts productivity, absenteeism, happiness, and more.
  2. Different forms of wellness programs in organizations.
  3. Physical health parameters.
  4. Helpful ways of enhancing physical wellbeing.
  5. Healthy diet, beneficial exercise routines, and moderation in life.
  6. Maintaining healthy work-life balance and tactical strategies to implement.
  7. Health screenings and maintenance programs that organizations can extend to employees.
  8. About mental ailments that are prevalent in people at work or otherwise including burnout.
  9. What help organizations can provide to aide their employees with mental problems.
  10. How to better cope with stress, anxiety, depression, etc. permanently.
  11. How to tweak core values of the organization to create a “Culture of Wellness”.

This is your course if you are looking for:

  • Growth of organization and employees through wellness.
  • Providing employees with wellness programs.
  • Deeper understanding of physical wellbeing and its behaviors.
  • Means to implement healthier lifestyle for yourself, organization, or team.
  • Strategies for implementing work-life balance through boundaries, avoidance of distractions, etc.
  • Ways to offer workshops on wellness to employees.
  • Insights on mental health.
  • Incentives to offer employees to become mentally stronger.
  • Long-term solution to stress, anxiety, depression, etc. from the Vedic perspective.
  • Creating an environment where wellness is welcomed and promoted to enhance productivity and employee happiness.